• Conceal Carry Classes

Shipping Restrictions

California – No Hi-Cap Mags without a Hi-Cap Mag Permit.
No Defense/Clip Fed Shotguns. No Semi-Auto Rifles. No M-16 Bolts.
Los Angeles, Sacramento, & San Francisco, CA – No Ammo without a FFL.
Connecticut – No Semi-Auto Rifles.
Hawaii – No Pistol Mags over 10rds.
Illinois – No Ammo without a FFL.
Maryland Now shipping Guns.
Massachusetts – No Handguns. No Hi Capacity Mags.
No Defense/Clip Fed Shotguns. No Semi-Auto Rifles. No Ammo.
New Jersey – No Hi-Cap Mags over 15rds without a FFL.
New York State Firearms legal to upper NY STATE. No Shipping to NYC
Washington DC – No Hi-Cap Mags. No Ammo.
Washington State – No M-16 Bolts.

Shipping to New York State:

We ship all NY legal firearms to select counties in upper New York state:
We do NOT ship to the counties in red. In fact, your billing address must not be in any of these counties:

  • Bronx
  • Kings
  • Nassau
  • New York
  • Queens
  • Richmond

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